It’s Time to Invest in your Financial Well Being

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It’s Time to Invest in your Financial Well Being

Debt Shredder

It’s Time To Invest In Your Financial Well-being

It's Time To Invest in Your Financial Well-Being

I don’t know about you, but since the Pandemic entered our lives, I have been reflecting on many of life’s uncertainties.  This time away from family and friends has been difficult for all of us and I can say that for me it has been a time of growth.  A time to prioritize what is important in life and what I place value on. You see, I am the spender in the family.  I love to give gifts to my 4 children, 7 grandchildren, extended family and friends.  I love décor and all things beautiful for my home. Simply put, I Love to Spend but I also Love to Save.  Can I have both? 

My values have since changed. What was important yesterday, is not today.  My children and grandchildren have everything they need to survive and thrive.  My home is cozy and equipped with everything we need to function day in and day out.

So, in a nutshell, the value I place on my hard earned money has changed.  We are fortunate that I am a teacher and I still have my job. My husband, who is an IT specialist, still has his business. Our e-commerce business is doing well.  Even with all of this, debt looms.

I read on the news the other day that Statistics Canada states Canadians now owe $1.77 for every dollar they have to spend.  Further, the debt to disposable ratio has risen to 177 %.  Although I was shocked with this statistic, it did not surprise me. With our finances, we often stumble along from paycheck to paycheck hoping and praying that our money will stretch to meet our existing monthly budget.  What happens when there are unexpected events, such as the Pandemic? Do you have a plan B? 

Over the course of the last three months, I found a solution, through my e-commerce business, that helps us shred the debt of our existing mortgage, lines of credit and credit card. This tool acts like a GPS for travelling.  It provides a starting point of your debt and maps the quickest and most efficient way to eliminate the interest you are paying for both large and small liabilities.

The tool I am now using to guide my financial future is an easy, online tool to minimize both the time and interest paid on all my debt. This software allows you to change how aggressively you want to pay down debt and build wealth. The best part of course; it is user-friendly and you receive personalized coaching to start your debt reduction.

We all deserve to have our money work for us.  What would you do if you could eliminate debt and build wealth simultaneously?  Would you take a much deserved trip with your family? Buy a new car? Start a fund for college/university? The options are endless.

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For more information and to receive a Free Analysis to see if the Debt Reduction tool can help you, please email me at



5 Responses

  1. Over the course of this year so far, I’ve been mega focused on money and savings. But in a positive way. I’ve completely re-vamped my mindset around money and it’s helped massively 🙂

    • lifestyleguide says:

      That is amazing Jenny. It really does come down to mindset and the action we take once that mindset is in place. Thank you for reading my blog post. I will be sure to follow you as I believe I can learn a lot from you. Have a wonderful week. Linda

  2. Marie from Toronto says:

    This is an aweome blog. Thank you for sharing. It is really important that we take our finances seriously. Sometimes a little help can go a long way. I am intrigued. I do agree with both you and the previous person who commented Jenny, that our mindset is our greatest asset.

    • Linda Adams says:

      Thank you Marie for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. If you would like to know more about this amazing software, reach out whenever you want.

      Take care Linda

    • lifestyleguide says:

      Thank you so much Marie. You can contact me anytime if you would like more information on this awesome debt reduction software. The best way to reach me is through my main email

      Take Care,


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