Spring- A Time of Renewal How to Renew Your Home in 5 Essential Steps

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Spring- A Time of Renewal How to Renew Your Home in 5 Essential Steps

Spring Has Sprung

Springtime; a wonderful time of renewal and reflection. As the days get warmer and the sun shines longer, we recognize what an instant mood booster this can be.

The winter months can seem like a long hibernation, especially after the holidays. The accumulation of excess things is common and can make us feel bogged down in our own spaces.

Spring cleaning is a way to recharge and renew your spaces for the carefree, summer days ahead.

Let me guide you on your spring cleaning journey with five simplifying tricks to help organize your home.


Refresh and Renew Your Home

De-cluttering your spaces:

My best piece of advice is to start small and collect all the garbage in your spaces. This will help when you begin to organize the important items. Using a large garbage bag collect old receipts, paperwork, empty bottles, wrappers etc. from each room in your home and either throw them out or recycle them.

As you prepare to put away your winter clothes, coats and accessories, assess if they still fit, are in good shape and you still love them. Do the same with your spring and summer clothes as you transfer them to your drawers and closet.

In large bins, place donate items that no longer serve a purpose for you and your home. This can include old furniture pieces that you can either sell or donate to a second-hand store or Habitat for Humanity depot.  Place the bin in your trunk for drop-off the next time you are out and about.

Refreshing and Restocking your Bathroom:

Spring is a perfect time to clean out your bathroom cupboards, drawers and medicine cabinet. Dispose of old creams, ointments, suntan lotions and medicines.

I love using shelf and drawer liners in my bathroom to preserve the cupboards. An economical place to purchase them is at the dollar store. I choose the unscented liners and add a few drops of lavender essential oil to them, providing a calming effect in my bathrooms.
Take inventory and make a list of the items you need to restock in your bathrooms such as cotton balls, Q-tips, toothpaste, shampoo and toilet paper.

Top to Bottom Refresh of your Kitchen:

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the busiest areas; from cooking meals to entertaining family and friends. The kitchen needs your tender loving care and requires more time when spring cleaning. If you don’t have the time to dedicate a whole day to the kitchen, break the tasks down into smaller steps, over a few days.

Finding a place to start can be daunting.  I recommend starting with one cupboard at a time and simply emptying the contents. My rule of thumb for simplification is to donate extra cups, mugs, glasses, plates and utensils to your local Thrift store. You don’t need duplicates of soup ladles, spatulas, and wooden spoons.  Think about what you use daily and is a necessity for you.  The excess is just taking up space. When organizing your cupboards that contain canned food and packaged items, be sure to check the labels for expiration dates.

After you have cleaned out and washed down all your cupboards and drawers, move to your major and then minor appliances. Both your fridge and stove need to be moved out of their space to allow you to vacuum and clean behind them. Be sure to wash the back and sides of your appliances before they are moved back. Don’t forget to wash down/scrub your oven vent and backsplash where there is a buildup of grease from cooking. Both the inside of your fridge and stove may need a deep cleaning as well if you haven’t been able to do this on a monthly or quarterly basis.
A great way to simplify and make your kitchen more functional is to have minimal minor appliances on your counter. Find a home for them, in a cupboard, under the counter, you would use it.

Finally, clean all counters and the kitchen table and add a vase of fresh-cut flowers to your table. I also love to put my essential oil diffuser on once my kitchen is completed or throughout the cleaning process.

Eliminate the Dust Bunnies:

Experts advise having your air ducts cleaned every 2 to 3 years to help prevent many maintenance issues and health problems. However, it has been advised in homes with pets or children with allergies, to have your air ducts professionally cleaned more frequently.

Further to eliminating dust bunnies in our vents, use a Swiffer to dust all ceiling fans, lights/lamps, window coverings, window frames, picture frames/ pictures, T.V.s, door frames, baseboards and of course furniture and the décor that sits on the furniture. After a thorough dusting is completed vacuuming everywhere and under all furniture is a must. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs, you might consider renting a carpet cleaner or hiring someone to clean them depending on the daily traffic.

Shining Windows:

Also considered a big job, window cleaning takes time.  This job can be outsourced but it can get expensive depending on the number of windows you have in your home and if the company does both the inside and outside. My husband and I tackle this job in the spring and spend a weekend cleaning both the inside and outside.  A pressure washer, vinegar/lemon/water mixture and stainless steel squeegee do the trick outside; while a vinegar/lemon/water mixture, a soft cloth and a squeegee assist us with the inside. The mixture consists of 1:1 water to vinegar and one fresh lemon.  Be sure to open your windows once you are done this big job. There is nothing like the spring breeze in your newly cleaned home.

Make this spring cleaning process a fun one and involve your significant other and children. By making a plan and sticking to it, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Please download my free chart for Spring Cleaning. I hope it helps to inspire and motivate you to refresh and renew your home!

Once completed, sit back, admire your hard work and renewed space and let the carefree days of summer begin!

Happy Cleaning!!!

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